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Online sewing

By implementing a great idea, online sewing has decided to design a new plan for sewing online for the first time in the country, so that you, dear ones, can use tailoring services such as sewing in the most convenient way at any time and in any place. Benefit from customized clothing and specialized clothing repairs. The special services of Peruvian online tailoring and measurements by male and female tailors at your home and workplace with free clothes collection and delivery service


Fully specialized clothing repairs

Nowadays, clothing repair is one of the services that fulfills many needs in the field of tailoring, and one of the problems we usually face is finding a professional tailor to perform this type of service. We have solved this problem forever. We have solved the online tailoring collection, a completely different collection in the field of tailoring. It offers you all the services related to clothing repairs in Tehran and all cities of Iran in a completely specialized and professional manner.

Clothing repairs

Women’s suit repairs

A women’s suit is one of the formal clothes for women, which is usually used in formal and special events, therefore it should be the perfect size for the body to show its beauty. We make the size and model of women’s suits for you with high expertise and skill.

Women's suit

Men’s suit repairs

One of the main services of online tailoring is men’s suit repairs, you can change the size and model of your suit in the best way and very easily and create a new style, we provide all services related to short length and sleeve length, size changes We do the body, shoulders, etc. for you, all these services are done in a completely specialized way in the online tailoring collection.

Suit repair

Changing the model of evening dress

One of the most important clothes whose repair and model change is of great importance is evening and evening dresses and the remarkable thing is that you can change the model and size of your evening and evening dresses as easily as possible and many times from Use that dress.

Dresses repairs

Tailor made clothes

Another special service of the online tailoring collection is custom tailoring of women’s and men’s clothes, services such as tailoring of suits, evening and formal dresses, which are provided in a completely customized and specialized manner with the possibility of measuring and fitting at your home and workplace.

custom sewing

Features of online tailoring services

1-fitting and measurements of clothes at your home and workplace by female and male tailors
2-Satisfied customers after using our services
3-Use of fully professional and committed workforce in all fields
4-High speed and accuracy in doing details Orders
5-free service of receiving and delivering orders

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Fully specialized clothing repair training

Today, tailoring is considered one of the professional and lucrative jobs that you can enjoy a high income by seeing fully professional training and learning this profession in addition to learning a great skill.

Clothing repair training

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