Tailor made clothes

Sewing clothes are divided into several categories, each category has its own details. The first category is custom embroidery or single embroidery , in this method, the measurements of the desired person are taken in full detail, and in most cases, these clothes are sewn together with the dress maker. It is so that all physical defects of a person can be removed in clothes.

Dress embroidery series

In this method, the number of cut and sewn works is usually high, so that the possibility of a dress model with certain sizes being sewn with a high number is very high, and in this method, the clothes are usually sewn in industrial workshops with a high number of wheels. And the number of workers working there is large.

Choosing fabric for custom sewing clothes

One of the most important things to have a beautiful and attractive dress is the type of fabric and it is very important to know what type of fabric and what design is suitable for which dress. Nowadays, due to our daily worries, we have little time to look for the fabric of our choice, and it is more important to know which fabric is suitable for which clothing model so that we can get it.
In many cases, when we buy clothes for ourselves, we realize that the model or size is not to our liking, which is not a pleasant issue for us. And the dressmaker’s desired size, in this part, the fabrics play an important role because for custom sewing, the fabrics are one of the main points that should be paid special attention to.

Men’s suit sewing

Suits are one of the favorite and most used clothes for men, which are used both formally and informally. Today, due to the high price of ready-made suits and the lack of proper quality, tailor-made orders are more popular, which can be found in this section . Becoming a professional tailor in the field of suit sewing is also considered an important issue that is the concern of many men.

Suit repairs

The online tailoring collection , using experts in the field of custom embroidery of suits, has made this task in the most convenient and simple way for you, so that you can use professional services and measurements at your home and workplace, and by choosing the fabric as Have your favorite suit in person or not.