Men’s clothing repairs

One of the services of the online tailoring collection is the specialized repair of men’s clothes, which is completely customized and done in full detail, services such as size changes of all kinds of suits, coats, shirts and vests…

Repairs of all kinds of women’s clothes

Another service of the online tailoring collection is the repair of women’s clothes, which is done in a completely specialized manner. Repairs such as changing the size of evening and formal dresses, all kinds of suits, coats and all kinds of coats…

Repairs of evening and evening dresses

Due to the type of use in formal events and parties, evening dresses and formal dresses have attractive and tight cuts, which creates a special beauty in women’s bodies, and for this reason, after a while, the body changes size for various reasons when wearing these dresses. They are tight or loose, so you don’t use that clothes most of the time and you look for new clothes in stores.

Dresses Repairs

Men’s suit repairs

One of the services in suit repair is changing the size of the suit in a way that looks completely natural. The professional tailors of our collection change the size of the coat in some way so that the final effect is completely natural and beautiful. In general, the final process will be completely specialized and original.

Suit Repairs

Custom sewing and women’s clothing repair services

formal clothes

Bride dress


Online sewing services

One of the services that we usually need all the time is sewing services , which we use according to the needs and problems that arise for our clothes. Previously, when you needed these services, you had to visit these places in person. You used to refer to it, but today, with the development of the Internet business, tailoring is not separated from this rule and offers its services online.

Tailoring is one of the professions that includes many services, such as clothing repairs , as well as sewing women’s and men’s clothes, including bridal and formal dresses, etc. Online tailoring collection has the honor of offering all its specialized and fully professional services. which includes measurement and free services in Tehran and all cities of Iran.

Changing the size of all kinds of clothes

One of the important things that you notice most of the time after wearing a dress is its size change, which has made us unable to wear the dress that we like to use at that moment. There are various reasons for changing sizes, and these reasons are whatever It prevents us from using that dress, and more importantly, maybe we don’t know that we can change the size and model of our dress by having an expert tailor. to the desired size so that you can use them more usefully.